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Help Aaron McLain's Family

Stop the violence, in support of Aaron McLain and his family!

Stand alongside the Aaron McLain not against those who seek answers.ArtSees Diner Radio and ArtSeesDiner.com will be doing what we can to help spread the word about this endeavor. Please feel free to email artseesdiner@gmail.com if you would like information about donating. Stay tuned and help us pass the word.

Kankakee's local paper, The Kankakee Daily Journal reports that there is no lead in the senseless beating of a young father of 2. It is odd to this blogger that last week it was listed as a brawl with numerous men, now, it is down played to one man connected to the young father. There was minimal response by the local police and there is minimal response to this day. It is as vague and non-comital as the bar owner, bar employees and the people present who are terrified within inches of their lives to tell the truth. You see telling the truth in Kankakee will get you un-friended, disavowed and worse, your head bashed in.

The organized crime that has Kankakee by the cojones is nothing new. While the organized crime is no longer protected by Governors and long standing wealth in Kankakee, it is now an organized crime of the likes that keeps the old guard in check. It is gang crime. The same gang crime that is on national data banks for dangerous places.

Many people have criticized me for being outside of the community and not being in the know. Silly assumptions are made by those who are not in the know. You can entertain yourself by reading a simple glossing over here. I wonder how long before it will be tucked away on a back page, just like all the other unsolved crimes of the community.

I challenge you to all begin writing about it. Yes, believe it or not the local paper, is not the most read. Stand up and demand answers, if nothing manifests itself soon, then demand that higher powers get involved. Begin to ask if this is a gang related incident, or a hate crime. Why did this happen, how did this happen, who were the non-patrons and how were 12 or more men capable of just showing up out of the blue?

Here is the first article that surprisingly gained over 10,000 visitors to this day. This shows people want to know the truth, and people do care!

Stay tuned for more information, and remember, you have a voice!


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